Creating workflow

The Worklflow setup is opened by clicking on the 'Start workflow' button on 'My tasks' page or by selecting 'Start workflow' menu option in 'My tasks' menu. It consists two tabs: worklflow and documents.

Starting workflow will open a window with several options:

  • Workflow description - description of workflow
  • Task finishing - user options for finishing tasks:

'Complete' - user only has 'Complete' button to finish task 'Approve/Reject' - user has two buttons for complete the task, which are used depending of the task outcome

  • Priority - where you can rank tasks by priority
  • Pre approving - where you can enable users to request pre approving from other users
  • Assigning - users can assign the task to someone else
  • When finished - 'Return to me when finished' - when all assignment are complete, workflow will create the task for initiator of the workflow
  • DocPortal - it displays document properties if attached file is classified as DocPortal class
  • Workflow ID -
  • Report - by clicking on this button it enables report texting field in task


The assigments options consists of the following columns: assigne, candidate useres and description w/o formatting.

  • Assignee - the user in charge of the task
  • Candidate users - candidates, users who can complete the task
  • Description - description

By clicking on the "Documents" it will open a tab for enabling document uploads to the task.

Options available:

Upload path - this option is used to upload a file from repository

Attached - to inclose something