Class Notifications

Last page modification Jan 27th 2022. Version

**This is a beta functionality.

Class Notifications enable sending of custom e-mail messeges to selected users based on DocPortal class properties. I.e. if class has index named 'Partner name' and entered values is 'Sciomagis' then send message 'Document received from Sciomagis' to marketing user joe. Notifications are send when documents are indexed.

Class Notifications functionality is available to organization's administrators in DocPortal application under 'Classes' link on to top navigation bar. Image below shows how to start: 1) Select Classes link in top bar. Select class from a list of classes. Press Notifications button on the right bar.


Application will open Notifications editor panel as shown in image below. Notifications definitions are added or removed using add/remove buttons on top. When users selects 'Add' notification application will insert new row in list of notifications with some predefined data. ID is arbitrary and can be changed to any unique value.

Name property can be change with double-click. Name will be used in e-mail message as subject.

User can select properties from a list of properties for select DocPortal class, including inherited properties.

One property is selected, user can change the matching value that document needs to have in order to send notification. Currently data-list and text properties are supported.


List of users that will receive message is selected using standard user selection tool.

Message editing is using HTML enabled message and supports inserting DocPortal properties in message. I.e. ${FILENAME} will be replaced in e-mail with actual name of the file in repository while ${CN} will replaced with the name of the company assigned to that file. Inserting is performed in the same way as path properties in DocPortal class. All properties from path are available. Image below shows some available properties from path editor. Final release will contain inserting this kind of properties directly through editing options. sky-flow-notifications-properties