Tab 'Activity'

The 'Activity' tab is used to enter activity data. The form for entering data on the selected activity is opened by clicking on the 'Activity' tab within the technical correctness interface.

The form for entering activity data contains the following fields: Under 'Checking the technical correctness of the account' field 'Company' in which we can select the company name from the drop-down menu; under 'Activity data' of the field 'Created' which is immutable and shows the date when the activity was created, and 'Priority' in which we can select 'Low', 'Medium' or 'High' from the drop-down menu; and under 'My task' field 'Comment' in which we can enter a comment about the activity.

Required fields are 'Company' and 'Priority', while the 'Created' field is filled in automatically.

The toolbar when entering activity data consists of three buttons: 'Save changes',' Tech. correctly 'and' Tech. incorrect '. Clicking the 'Save Changes' button saves all changes entered in the activity data entry form. By pressing the 'Tech. correct 'input account is marked technically correct and is ready for indexing, while pressing the button' Tech. 'incorrect' account is placed among technically incorrect accounts.