Report R.05

User interface for report R.05 - open items overview is opened by clicking on the 'Reports' button on the toolbar and selecting the 'Report R.05' option. The user interface is divided into three parts. To the left is the search form, to the right is the search results table, and below all the history details.

Search form

The fields on the search form are 'Inv.due', 'Inv. issue ',' Company ',' Monthly Cost ',' Task type 'and' Assignee '.

  • 'Inv.due' - the date by which the input account must be processed. When entering a date, the start and end dates are determined, which are selected by clicking on the calendar icon, located to the right of the field for entering that date.
  • 'Inv.issue' - date of job creation. The date selection is the same as for 'Inv.due'.
  • 'Company' - search by company name. The company is selected from the drop-down menu.
  • 'Monthly cost' - search by cost center. The cost center is selected via a drop-down menu.
  • 'Task type' - search by task type. The type is selected via a drop-down menu, as follows: 'Approve', 'TechValidity', 'TechInvalid', 'IndexData', 'Canceled', 'CheckBooks' (posting) or 'ConfirmPaperArch.' (confirmation of archiving in paper form)
  • 'Assignee' - select the user who performs the task. Clicking on this field will open a window in which we can select the user who is doing the task. This window is described in the chapter selecting one user

Below the search box are the 'Search' and 'Reset' buttons. The 'Search' button is used to start a search based on the data entered in the search form. Pressing the 'Reset' button deletes all data entered in the search form.

Search results

The result table shows the following data:

  • 'Task' - the name of the task
  • 'Assignee' - the user in charge of the task
  • 'Candid.' - users who can complete the task
  • 'Grp. cand. ' - user groups that can complete the task
  • 'Process start' - date and time of the process start
  • 'Process len.' - time required to complete the process
  • 'Activity start' - date and time of task start
  • 'Activity len.' - time required to complete the task
  • 'Inv. due '- the date which is the deadline for processing the incoming invoice
  • 'Inv. date '- the date of creation of the incoming account
  • 'Sap Fi' - FI account number
  • 'Amount' - account amount
  • 'Partner' - the name of the partner
  • 'Cost Center' - The cost center
  • 'Company' - Company

History details

Clicking on a specific task at the bottom of the screen under 'History details' will display the history displayed within the table for that task. The table contains the following fields:

  • 'Name' - the name of the workflow task
  • 'In charge' - the user who is in charge of performing this task
  • 'Run' - the date and time the task was started
  • 'Completed' - the date and time when the task was completed
  • 'Result' - the result of the task
  • 'Comment' - task comment
  • Attached to this table is a comment on the workflow task, which will be displayed below the table when a specific task is selected by left-clicking.

Generate report files

Below the search form are two buttons: 'PDF' and 'Excel'. These buttons are used to generate reports on search results in PDF or Excel format, depending on which button the user clicked.

The reports you create contain data that is inside the search table.