Sky.Flow 1.6

Versions 1.6.x released from March 31st 2022. Current from March 31st 2022.

Features of realeas

  • Sky.Flow On-demand Workflows
  • Ap.GO Extract all documents from eInvoice to package documents
  • Notification when new DP class document is indexed filtered based on DP properties.
  • Smaller features and fixes in the system

Development references -

SKY18-575, SKY18-578,
SKY18-583, SKY18-584, SKY18-588, SKY18-589,
SKY18-590, SKY18-592, SKY18-593, SKY18-594, SKY18-595, SKY18-597, SKY18-598, SKY18-599,
SKY18-600, SKY18-601