Linking the account with the LinkedIn account

The user account can be linked to a LinkedIn account. After a successful connection, it will be possible to log in through LinkedIn on the application login page, by clicking on the ‘Login with LinkedIn’ button, located at the bottom of the login form.

In the main application in the upper right corner of the screen there is a button with the name of the current user program. Pressing this button opens a drop-down menu with the option 'My profile'. By selecting this option, the user enters the user settings.

The user settings interface contains two buttons: 'Google settings' and 'LinkedIn settings'.

By clicking on the 'LinkedIn settings' button within the user settings interface, the application will redirect the user to login through LinkedIn, which is shown in the image below.

Entering an e-mail address and password, then pressing the 'Allow access' button will link the application's account to LinkedIn's account, and will be able through the 'Login with LinkedIn' button to log in with a LinkedIn account on the application login page.