Sky.Flow 1.5

Versions 1.5.x released from May 24th 2021. Current from January 26th 2022.


  • Added notifications functionality when DocPortal class is indexed. Notifications are send to selected users based on document properties. See Notifications under class documentation.
  • Sky.ap GO extracts all document from e-invoice XML to separate files in process package
  • Sky.Flow sync tool for transferring files from and to local network. Supports download, upload and sync options.
  • Sky.Flow mobile version is availble on Google Play
  • HR tool for DocPortal is available as technology preview. Supports employees administration and usage inline with DocPortal archiving functionality. Indexing and searching are moved to separate pages to enable HR specific needs.
  • Uploading files with employees data available as JSON structure or Point/XML report.
  • Short codes for DocPortal classes can be used in naming files and folders
  • Screen options for wider document preview and data entry
  • Document preview module options under 'My profile' page


  • Saving username on application login re-enabled
  • Smaller improvements and bug fixes

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