Document information

The information window displays information about the repository file. The data are divided into two groups - 'Basic Data' and 'Workflows'.

Basic information shows basic information about the document:

  • 'Name' - file name
  • 'Created' - the user who created the file
  • 'Creation date' - date and time of file creation
  • 'Changed' - the user who made the last change to the document
  • 'Change date' - date and time of the last document change
  • 'Version code' - version of the document
  • 'Dbid' - a unique identifier in the database

Workflows display information about workflows on a document:

  • 'Title' - the name of the workflow
  • 'Process ID' - process identifier
  • 'Version Tag' - indicates workflow versions
  • 'Tasks' - a table of all workflow tasks, which contains basic information about the task: 'ID' (task identifier), 'Name', 'Owner' (user in charge of the task), 'Started' (date and time) when the task was started), 'Deadline' (date and time by which the task should be completed), 'Completed' (date and time when the task was completed) and 'Outcome' (result of completing the task)
  • 'Documents' - a table of all documents related to this workflow. The table contains basic information about the document: 'Name' (file name), 'Changed' (user who last modified the document), and 'Change Date' (the date and time the document was last modified). File names are actually links through which a file can be opened and downloaded to a computer.