Generating report files

There are three buttons in the lower right corner of the screen on the search page: 'PDF', 'Excel' and 'xml'. These buttons are used to generate reports on search results in PDF, Excel or XML format, depending on which button the user clicked.

The 'Pdf' and 'Excel' buttons create files from all search results, and within the pdf or Excel file generate a table containing the same columns that are visible on the application table.

By clicking on the 'xml' button, an xml account file is created according to the SEPA pain.001.001.03 specification. In order to create an xml file, the accounts must be marked inside the table. Marking account files is done by left-clicking on a specific file. If it is necessary to select multiple account files, this is done by pressing the left mouse button on the files inside the table while pressing the 'Ctrl' key on the keyboard. Before generating the file, the application will check that all account data has been entered correctly, and that there are all recipients and payers registered in the partner database. If there is all the data needed to generate the account file, a window will open asking us to enter the name of the file to be saved to the computer. By entering the name and pressing the 'OK' button, the file will be saved to your computer. Clicking the 'Cancel' button will close the window without saving the generated file.