Sky orders.GO

Ordering and purchasing automation

A modern DMS / BPM system interface, which is also simple enough for a fast adjustment and easy use.

Document and e-mail generation, modification of administration and authorization process and all relevent data on-the-fly.

Use online now or implementation fast in your own environment, measuring in days.

Solution Sky orders.GO

Supports complete ordering process from order request generation, vendor selection, purchasing approval and purchasing finalization. Process starts with order request generation and optional request approval stage. Approved requests are forwarded to vendor selection stage to users and/or groups relevant for request based on data entered in the request. Once vendors offers are gathered best offer is selected and process continues to vendor approval process. Approved best offer is used to generate purchase order after which it can be additionally approved for purchasing by another set of users. Approved purchase order is finalized by sending it to selected vendor and confirming reception by vendor

Sky orders.GO is created using a configurable process. At any phase of the process tasks can be assigned to users and groups based on data entered in the process. On this way process can be configured to have different assignments based on companies, amounts, cost centers, positions, chart of accounts or other data in the process.

Application’s configuration is performed using simple and easy administrative tools. Changes in applications are made immediately with no need to restart application and running processes.

Purchase orders are generated using a MS Word templates located in repository. Templates can be modified at any time. Users can select appropriate templates for different types of orders. Documents generated from templates are automatically transformed to PDF format to simplify overview and distribution.

Barcodes and QR codes are supported in application and can be using with templates generated in MS Word. Once vendor sends invoice regarding the order in can attach barcode or QR code which can be used to match invoice with order simplifying invoice approval process.

Sky orders.GO

  • Full ordering and purchasing process
  • Document generation from MS Word template
  • On-the-fly modification of autorizations
  • Creation of e-mail messages based on templates and process data
  • Skipping specific authorizations according to process data
  • Dynamic pre-authorisations
  • Ready-made reports
  • Notifications
  • Modern and simple interface

Sending completed purchase orders to selected vendor is fully supported in application. Sky orders.GO uses configurable HTML or TXT templates to generate e-mails using ordering process data to fill the context of message. Process documents can be attached to generated e-mails so users don’t need to use any other tool to send purchasing order to vendors.

Sky orders.GO is integrated with Sky ap.GO with system detecting invoices related to the previously made approved orders. Data from orders is automatically copied to invoice approval process, order is available to users for review and order data can be used to simplify approval process for invoice.

Sky orders.GO is ready-to-go application but can also be further customized to suite end-users needs and integrated with financial and other applications.


Using Sciomagis ap.GO platform we managed to define and implement 9 processes and educate end users in a single day. Snježana Šoše, Finance director, KIM Ltd.

Sciomagis ap.GO platform provides fast implementation, Web 2.0 user experience and simple administration. We fine-tuned application to our needs in just two weeks, integrated it with our SAP systems and Active Directory servers and before even thinking of mobile implementations we had managers approving invoices using their BlackBerry devices. Marin Jirasek, Solutions Architect, DMS Project Manager, Dukat Dairy Industry Incorporated Dukat Inc. is part of Lactalis group

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