Amazon Textract and Sciomagis Sky.Flow Online integration

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Amazon Textract and Sciomagis Sky.Flow Online integration

Amazon Textract is a new AWS service that automatically extracts text and data from scanned documents. Amazon Textract goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to also identify the contents of fields in forms and information stored in tables. Article describes integration on Amazon Textract with Sciomagis Sky.Flow Online BPM platform.

Amazon Textract

Many companies today extract data from documents and forms through manual data entry that’s slow and expensive or through simple optical character recognition (OCR) software that is difficult to customize. Rules and workflows for each document and form often need to be hard-coded and updated with each change to the form or when dealing with multiple forms. If the form deviates from the rules, the output is often scrambled and unusable.

Amazon Textract overcomes these challenges by using machine learning to instantly “read” virtually any type of document to accurately extract text and data without the need for any manual effort or custom code. With Textract you can quickly automate document workflows, enabling you to process millions of document pages in hours. Once the information is captured, you can take action on it within your business applications to initiate next steps for a loan application or medical claims processing. [1]

Sciomagis Sky.Flow Online

Sky.Flow online platform makes it easy to start digitalization process of your organization. Use built-in capabilities to create digital archives or your existing and ever growing documentation. Organize it, set authorizations and use in your everyday environment. Use easy manageable process engine to streamline your processes between employees, departments and companies. Sky.Flow comes with existing world recognized applications for accounts payables, ordering, contract management and other solutions that will help you to grow your business while reducing costs.

Full text search on scanned images

Amazon Textract has three ways of processing images: optical character recognition, key-value pair extraction and table extraction.

Optical character recognition detects printed text and numbers in documents. Simplest use case for Sky.Flow user is to search for documents using Textract recognized data in repository. To use search on Textract data users can open repository view in Sky.Flow. Navigate to the document and right click for action menu on document. User selects ‘Tools -> Send to AWS Textract’ to start optical recognition process. Once document is processed by Textract if can be search upon on any search in Sky.Flow by using 'Contains' field.

Currently Amazon Textract is in a “Preview mode” and supports only PNG i JPEG files. Many organizations scan or receive scanned file in PDF format. To enable recognition of such file Sky.Flow with convert PDF documents to PNG images before sending to Textract.

OCR data in Sky ap.GO Accounts payables application

Sky ap.GO Accounts payable application is used to process invoices in Sky.Flow platform. Sky ap.GO can use OCR data from Textract to autofill properties of invoices and modify approval process. Simple mapping tool is used to map textual data from OCR to Sky ap.GO properties. Mapping tool is available as menu under ‘Admin->OCR data setup’.

Picture above shows link between textual data from Textract, mapping data tool and invoice indexing form in ap.GO with populated data. Textract detects text ‘Payment total: 125,00 USD’, platform has mapping for Sky ap.GO amount field with key ‘Payment total’ and this fields get filled automatically for invoice in Sky ap.GO application.

Sky ap.GO additionally can detect invoice sending and receiving parties by using VAT numbers or party names as configured in Sky.Flow platform. Sending party will be detected from partner data configuration while received party will be detected using company’s setup data.

Key-pair values from Amazon Textract service are used with the same mapping tool for Sky ap.GO variables. Sky ap.GO will detect all key entries in recognized data, search for mapping and assign ap.GO properties with recognized value.

Sky.Flow BPM integration

Sky.Flow enables you to create workflows, data, forms and all other related properties of your business processes and run them immediately using a simple and modern web interface.

Sky.Flow BPM in version 1.4.3 introduces two new elements in process creation supporting Textract features: Textract processing element and Textract key extraction element. Textract processing can send process package documents to Amazon Textract service with an option to detect text or to also extract key-value pairs. Textract key extraction can copy key-pair values from document already processed with Amazon Textract to BPM process variables. This data can be used for auto-indexing, process flow branching, document generation and other functionalities available in Sky.Flow BPM solution.

Try it

Sky.Flow Online supports full functionality of Amazon Textract. As Textract is in preview mode we are offering Textract Optical character recognition FREE OF CHARGE to all Sky.Flow Online users. Key-pair extraction and table extraction follow Amazon AWS licensing prices and can be used for custom solutions for Corporate license level users.

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[1] Amazon Textract,

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