Sky DocPortal

Digitalization starts here

A modern DMS / BPM system interface, which is also simple enough for a fast adjustment and easy use.

Modification of administration and authorization and all relevent data on-the-fly.

Create new archives though a simple user interface and use immediatly.


Modern business requires an increased amount and number of different types of documents, such as correspondence, reports, contracts, invoices and similar. Each type of document entails a mechanism of accessing the details of the document, as well as a process of data distribution to associates which complies with business, technical and legal regulations. Problems that arise from handling documents are dealt with through a system of managing business documents or more specific content (such as DMS or ECM). The objective of implementing this system is to increase the availability and speed of access to documents, to increase productivity, to increase efficiency and to increase safety and management. Common challenges that arise when implementing such a system are the financial support and the amount of time spent by employees, needed to realize the project. An important challenge in implementing a DMS system is also the starting point: data permeates all parts and levels of organization. In order to gradually implement an efficient DMS system of organization, there is a need of knowledge, experience and dedication to dealing with problems of handling documents.

Digitalization offers significant improvement to organizations. Documents are easy to access, productivity is risen by adjusting business procedures to handle electronic documents, organizations are more efficent, and also sensitive business data is easier to manage. Implementation itself is not always easy task. Digital archive must be modeled and architected, implemented in DMS and rolled-out to end users. This takes a small project for even the simplest archives. With the ever increasing amout of generated electronic documents in all levels or business organizations, benefits of digitalizations comes with cost of implementing digitalization projects for all types of digital content. This means implementation costs, working hours and rollouts for each digital archive implemented.

The usual organization:

  • 19 copies of the same document
  • $20 cost to file a document
  • $120 cost to find a misfiled document
  • 25 h hours worth of work to recreate the lost document

Solution Sky DocPortal

Sciomagis Sky DocPortal system offers a single solution for all types of business documents.

Sciomagis Sky DocPortal enables a unique repository of electronic documents, supported by DMS/BPM system for managing business documents and processes..

DocPortal enables: classification of business documents and archiving procedures for electronic documents in the repository; a quick access to documents through custom search, content management, incoming mail, employee records. All functions of DocPortal system are based on the verified Alfresco DMS system, which guarantees safety, various integration procedures, various types of interface to access documents (Internet browser, shared disks, FTP, WebDAV), handling business procedures and a wide range of other options.

Quickly create archives such as: Contract Archives, Employee Records, Project Documentation, Production Reports, Sales Documents, Bank Statements, Incoming Invoices, Output Invoices, Offers, Marketing, Object Photos, etc.

Unlimited number of archives for the price of one: Management requires a range of documents, with new ones getting introduced each day. Creating archives for every type or group requires time and resources, as well as your employees’ operation and training time to implement a project. DocPortal enables independent creation of archives with common archiving rules. Combined with DMS functions, it provides a means for practical and independent creation and use of archiving solutions.

Instant creation of new archives: Using built-in options for different types of documents, the time from sketching an archive to using it in an app is reduced to several minutes. Simple administration enables a quick definition of classes and related archiving rules, without the need to shut down the system.

Sky DocPortal

  • Unlimited number of archives for the price of one
  • Instant creation of new archives
  • Simple and modern interface
  • Integrated inbox
  • Integrated employee records
  • Simple content management
  • Integration with other apps

Simple and modern interface for a variety of uses: DocPortal offers a modern user interface, built with the newest technologies, in order to enable an easy and quick handling by the end user. Interface is uniform with other applications on offer, to simplify and accelerate education and use.

Integrated Inbox: DocPortal contains an in-built Inbox function. Selected documents can be marked with Inbox characteristics, classified in accordance with DocPortal features, and made into an Inbox Book, as needed.

Integrated Employee Records: A simple way to group employee documents. Each employee owns a file with electronic documents which can be further used in all sections of the organization, from human resources, production and sales onward.

Simple Case Management: Documents can be grouped by subject and file, regardless of the archives in which they are sorted. This approach further simplifies access to documents, offering a single view of documents from all archives based on their subject relatedness. Furthermore, objects can be linked into files and management expanded to include documents shared between archives and applications.

Integration with other apps: DocPortal is a natural path for electronic documents to enter the repository. The simple administration of classes enables automatic forwarding of documents to other solutions. It also runs the specific business processes such as sales, invoice authorization, contracts, etc.


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